sshj seriesdouble - shaft high efficincy mixers

•Long-term stable operation, less failure.

•Mixing uniformity still perfect when increasing mixing time.
•Mixing uniformity will not change when change different material.
Mixer in feed production plays an important role in batching system. The quality of the mixer so directly related to the survival and development of feed industry. Stable performance of the device not only can create benefits for enterprises, but also save substantial maintenance and repair costs.
It is widely used to mix the materials in the shape of powder, granule, flake, piece, and sticky materials in the industries of feed, grain, food, chemicals, medicine, pesticide, etc.
•Suitable for the production of poultry & livestock feed and normal aqua feed. It can also be used for premix production(Stainless steel)
•Fast speed mixing,high uniformity:CV ≤ 5%;
•Driven by means of direct-coupled gear motor,smooth running,low noise,long life service.
•Enlarged design of mixing chamber,good mixing effect.
•Double entire length opened doors,big opening angle,low residue.
•Special shaft and door seal structure,no leakage.
•Can be equipped with air purging device,decrease residue.
•The gap between the mixing chamber and paddle can be adjusted.
•The advanced liquid adding and spraying system can add many liquids,solids with great accuracy.
•The unique air return system ensures smooth air flow during the feeding process.